Easy Keto Coffee Jelly with Cream Recipe

    Easy Keto Coffee Jelly with Cream is just the right guilt-free dessert that’s very tasty! This Easy Keto Coffee Jelly with Cream recipe uses gelatin to set coffee into a delicious jelly. It is covered with a sweet cream that is no sugar. It’s delicious, and so easy to make for the week.

    Easy Keto Coffee

    Keto Coffee Jelly Recipe by Fat For Weight Loss

    The main ingredient in jelly is usually gelatin, which you can easily buy from your local grocery store in the baking isle. Gelatin powder is a great ingredient to use in cooking, since it has so many applications. This recipe was popularized in Japan, and is usually serve as a drink with a milk, or watered down cream. Since jelly and cream go so well together, why not just keep it as jelly right?

    Health Benefits of Gelatin

    Gelatin is a hydrolyzed form of collagen, which helps with skin, hair, nails plus many other things necessary to live a happy healthy life. It’s out of dehydrating parts of animals, including skin, bones and tissue. It’s colorless and tasteless. Like collagen, it help improve gut health and digestion.

    Glycine from gelatin can help the mucus lining in the stomach and help balance your digestive enzymes. Gelatin neutralizes methionine levels, which eating a lot of meat can create high levels of (actually, homocysteine, in a round about way). Carnivore dieters should consider gelatin, as it neutralizes excessive methionine intake (which increases homocysteine levels).

    Glycine is also an inhibitory neurotransmitter which acts in a similar way to anti-depressants only without the nasty side effects. Unlike collagen, gelatin creates a gel substance that is useful in cooking, especially when creating jelly.

    Substitutes for Gelatin

    A helpful substitute for gelatin is called Agar Agar, and is made from Red Algae, but is similar in structure to guar gum. It sets like gelatin, but in a much clearer way. Best used if you want a harder style of jelly. Used in cooking throughout Asia and Russia and is a fantastic vegetarian substitute for gelatin. It has been used in weight loss throughout japan, and recently in the US.

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